LEGO trams based on Crich collection added to LEGO Ideas website

If like your writer you are amazed and what people can create with a little bit of LEGO then you will be interested in this next story as a supporter of the Crich Tramway Village has recently created four incredibly realistic models of trams in the national collection and added them to the LEGO Ideas website. Anything which gets enough support on this website is considered for a real production set – so you know what’s coming later in this article!

The trams which have been built are Blackpool 166, Leeds 399, London United Tramways 159 and Sheffield 74 and in our opinion they all look amazing! The amount of effort in designing and creating these trams to be so realistic is incredible and one that many of us who could only ever hope to reach!

If you would like to support this project and get it enough support to reach the next stage please the LEGO Ideas website at You can also see images of the models on that page.

Get supporting and who knows you could see a Blackpool Toastrack in the LEGO shops this Christmas!

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