In Pictures: Metrolink T68s stored at Long Marston

Many readers of this website will probably remember that at the time that Manchester Metrolink’s original T68 trams were moved en masse away from Trafford Depot not all of them ended up heading to Rotherham and a date with the scrapman. Three of the 26 ended up being transferred to Long Marston in Warwickshire after they were acquired for testing purposes on behalf of UK Tram.

The three T68s which made the move were 1016 (21st August 2014), 1022 (8th August 2014) and 1026 (25th July 2014). Although it has been the best part of six years since they were moved south to Warwickshire its not thought that any use has been made of them for testing but they do remain intact and in secure, albeit outside, storage.

Of course, the Metrolink T68s aren’t the only trams to be found at Long Marston with four of the old Midland Metro T69s also to be found there – 07, 10, 11 and 16. 11 has been preserved and will eventually return to Birmingham for display.

Looking across the vans and we see two of the three T68s – 1016 on the left and 1026.

All three of the trams can be seen in this view with 1026 in the centre and flanked by 1016 (left) and 1022 (right).

The final photo shows 1022 stored. (All Photographs by Pete Hawkins, 15th July 2020)

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