Seaton 7 set to start the road to a return

At this time of lockdown and the continued closure of all our heritage tramways, a lot of them are trying to keep people entertained with various archive images and challenges and sometimes included in these are snippets of information set to interest us. One recent post on the Seaton Tramway Facebook page has done just that as it mentions a restoration for tram 7 with the aim that it is “back in operation as fast as we can”.

It has been over 10 years since 7 last ran in service at Seaton and although work did start on overhauling and restoring the tram at the back of Riverside Depot around 2007/8 – there were even suggestions during behind the scenes tours at End of Season Galas in those years of a possible livery for the tram, including to replicate the Jurassic Coaster bus service – this stalled with other projects taking priority (including general maintenance on the other trams in the fleet and the conversion of 17 to enclosed saloon 15).

But now the Seaton Tramway have resolved to bring 7 back to operation where it will be able to join the ranks of trams available for service, including fellow ex-Eastbourne cars 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12.

7 is the second oldest of the purpose built passenger cars for Seaton (and the Eastbourne operation beforehand) being constructed in 1958. It was a double deck open topper with enclosed saloons at each end of the lower deck and open crossbench style seating in between. Slightly larger than the similar no. 6 (4’2” wide instead of 4’) it was originally constructed to the 2’ gauge used at Eastbourne before being regauged for use at Seaton in 1976.

To help get 7 back on the rails donations are open and this can be done here.

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