In Pictures: More from Beamish

With Beamish now back to be open seven days a week its very much business as usual for the trams – depending on the day you could have one, two or three trams in service. Wednesday 4th March was an one tram day with Sheffield 264 the vehicle chosen but more trams could be seen around the depot and with the doors to road 1 open the chance could also be taken to grab a peek of Gateshead 52.

Service car for the day was Sheffield 264 which is seen here approaching the stop for Fouldbridge/Home Farm/Pit Village.

Outside the depot and Oporto 196 and Blackpool 31 are on standby but not needed.

Inside the depot and with Newcastle 114 and Grimsby & Immingham 26 still in situ on road 2 they are joined by Sunderland 16 alongside.

And finally road 1 of the depot with Oporto 65 at the back and Gateshead 52 sitting at the front. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 4th March 2020)

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