They Ran in 2019: London County Council 106

Today we take a look at another tram which ran in service over the past year at Crich – London County Council 106.

On those occasions when the sun shines what better way to travel through the Derbyshire countryside than on an open top tram? One of those available for service in 2019 was London County Council 106 which saw fairly regular operation during the summer.

In the first photo below we see 106 in the blazing sunshine of 15th July 2019 when it was one of three electric and one horse trams out on the line. It is seen at Victoria Park heading south.

Then in less open top tram conditions of 22nd September 2019 we catch-up with 106 – and very few passengers for some reason! – as it pulls forward at Glory Mine.

Both Photographs by Gareth Prior

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