In Pictures: 22 enters service on Metro

Despite the fact it has been fitted with batteries for a number of weeks, 22 has previously carried passengers but that all changed on Tuesday 12th November when it was pressed into service for the first time – becoming either the 15th or 16th battery operated tram to run! The reason for the either/or is that 34, which had only recently been noted as being fitted, has been reported as being used the previous day but we don’t have confirmation of this one way for certain just yet.

In other Urbos3 news a recent report in the Wolverhampton Express and Star has quoted officials at West Midlands Metro as saying that the damage caused to 31 when it was involved in a RTC during the summer wasn’t as serious as originally thought and that it is hoped the tram – named Cyrille Regis MBE – will be ready to return to service in time for the opening of the Westside extension in December.

22 makes the call at Corporation Street.

22 meets up with 36 on its first day in passenger service. (Both Photographs by Andy Walters, 12th November 2019)

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