In Pictures: A busy Half Term Day at Beamish

It’s the last hurrah before Christmas, the October Half Term school holidays as many heritage attractions open fully for the last time of the year, and as far as Beamish is concerned it’s another busy period, especially with Halloween evening events also taking place. On Thursday 31st October itself, a cool but sunny day, the crowds at the museum merited a three tram service as seen in the below photos from Trevor Hall.

“Transport through Time” has been the theme for the half term holidays period with children able to collect a sheet at the entrance and then encouraged to spot the various different vehicles around the museum (get them spotting whilst they’re young!). They can even get the tram crews or other staff from around the museum to clip their sheets as and when they see them.

Back to the tram service and the three trams running on 31st October were Blackpool 31 and Sheffield 264 on the clockwise circuit and Sunderland 16 running anti-clockwise with Oporto 196 and Newcastle 114 positioned at the front of the depot to aid their “spotting” by young visitors.

Whilst not directly connected to trams the keys to the new bus depot have now been officially handed over to Beamish to allow for full fitting out before an official opening before the year is out. This depot will allow the buses to be moved out of the tram depot and not only will it give the buses a new and spacious home it will also give the trams a bit more space too with the buses out the way.

The Transport Through Time sheet with the different vehicles for spotting around the edge.

With autumnal colours in the background Blackpool 31 rounds the museum circuit.

A packed load on Sheffield 264 with standing room only on the lower deck.

It’s the last day of October so you would expect it to be a bit cool and judging by the passengers on the top deck of 31 that’s exactly what it is!

Another look at 264 as it heads round the tramway between the Town and Pockerley. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 31st October 2019)

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