Automatic braking system being installed on London Tramlink

A new on-board automatic braking system is being fitted to all trams on London Tramlink as Transport for London and Tram Operations Limited (TOL – operator of the network) put into practice another of the RAIB recommendations following the tragic derailment at Sandilands on 9th November 2016. The system will see braking automatically applied at pre-defined locations on the system if the tram is found to be overspeeding.

This new system – the first of its type to be applied to a UK tramway – sees yellow beacons placed on the track (initially four locations will see these fitted – including close to Lloyd Park and on Sandilands curve) which will measure the speed of the tram as it passes. If it is recorded as travelling over the speed limit in that location braking will automatically be applied gradually.

To prepare drivers for the introduction of this new system a simulator has been designed by Tram-Pro which will include this system as well as being a full and accurate representation of the area the trams travel in.

It is planned that all trams in the fleet – both the Bombardier built CR4000s and Stadler Variobahn – will be so fitted by the end of the year.

During press briefings into the new system TOL also confirmed that they expect all safety recommendations to have been implemented by April next year, this will include new emergency lighting on board the trams.

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