In Pictures: New adverts for two trams in Edinburgh

The ever changing scene of adverts being carried on trams in Edinburgh certainly keeps us in news with the latest new advertiser on the tramway being Spotify with both 262 and 267 being seen in identical designs, with different colours held on each side.

For 262 this is a return to an advert livery following the removal of its advert for Macdonald Hotels Leisure Breaks/Paul Tamburrini Restaurant a few weeks ago whilst 267 has gone straight from an advert for EE 5G to this design.

Whilst they are not true all over adverts in the traditional sense this is as close as it gets in Edinburgh with the standard full height adverts on sections three and five with the other four sections featuring just above window adverts. There may be two new adverts but one advert which has now gone is that on 264 for Parabola and the Edinburgh Fringe, with these vinyls having been removed over the past week or so.

262 with its Spotify advert at St Andrew Square on 26th August. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood)

The vinyls are advertising various podcasts available through Spotify with different colours used on each side.

With the adverts on 262 and 267 identical this photo shows the other coloured side with 267 at Balgreen. (Photographs x2 by John Hampton)

A close-up of one of the full height ads on 267.

Another view of 267 with the tram at West End.

The other livery news concerns 264 which is now back in fleet livery following the expiration of its contract for Parabola and the Edinburgh Fringe. (Photographs x3 by Roy Calderwood)

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