In Pictures: Trackwork moves to University

Its been a long haul but we are almost there with rail replacement works on Stagecoach Supertram with the final phase of 2019 now underway close to the stop at University, affecting both Blue and Yellow route services. The work being undertaken is on the city side of the stop at University which means no trams are travelling any further than Cathedral with services being replaced by buses (the bus service runs to Fitzalan Square). This phase of work is due to be completed on Friday 30th August after which it should be full steam ahead for the remainder of 2019 on Supertram. Stuart Cooke with the photos of the latest work.

The curve being attended to is seen here with the road surface having been removed.

With the actual tramstop at University around the corner here we see old track having been removed from the outbound track as new track waits to be put down.

The new curved track is ready for installation but isn’t yet fixed into place (unless Supertram are planning a radical new gauge!)

Looking towards the tramstop with work ongoing to put the new track down.

Preparations continue for the new track as we look towards the city centre. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 25th August 2019)

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