Another collision in Manchester

There was another instance of service disruption on Manchester Metrolink after a car was involved in a collision with a tram on the Airport line. This collision happened on the evening of Saturday 6th July at approximately 2000 close to the stop at Baguley and saw M5000 3085 involved along with a white Volkswagen. The tram suffered minor damage to its side lower skirting whilst the car seemed to suffer severe damage to its bonnet. Fortunately no serious injuries were reported.

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  1. Geoff IoM says:

    The Manchester Evening News report of this relatively minor incident includes the phrases ‘shocking damage to a vehicle’, ‘a white Volkswagen Golf GTI crushed beneath a Metrolink tram’ and ‘crashes involving cars and trams are relatively common in Manchester’. I presume that the final quote refers to the fact that many Manchester motorists drive without due care and attention, especially when confronted with traffic lights!

    This is extremely biased reporting, even allowing for the usual journalistic over-exaggeration.

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