In Pictures: The old and new now meet at Talbot Square

The extension of the Blackpool Tramway to Blackpool North Railway Station is now fully connected to the existing Promenade tramway with the last of tracks on the triangular junction now fully welded into place. The progress on this lower section of the extension remains excellent with attention now likely to turn towards putting the final road surface on top allowing the road here to be reopened to through traffic once more.

Attention has been turned towards this junction for several weeks with all four tracks being fully integrated with the long-standing tramway. The junction joins with the northbound and southbound tracks twice, once to allow trams to and from Starr Gate to head up Talbot Square and once for trams to and from Fleetwood. It is anticipated that when services do finally get underway the line will be served by trams from both directions although it is likely that the exact service pattern has yet to be decided by Blackpool Transport.

Meanwhile, in our latest update on the other end of the line up Talbot Road by the railway station there is nothing to update! Wilkinson’s is, of course, still in place which means the terminus can’t be constructed. Blackpool Council seem to have gone pretty quiet on the subject but its pretty obvious that Easter 2019 will not be an achievable target. As well as this part of the project overhead will need to be installed and the stop at Talbot Square will also require full construction. Just when we will be able to enjoy a ride along Talbot Road remains to be seen.

All tracks now fully connected at Talbot Square. In the background a replacement building for the old Yates’ Wine Lodge which burnt down a number of years ago is being constructed. (Photograph by Tony Stevenson, 16th February 2019)

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