Further attention for the Rocket

The Lancastrian Transport Trust owned illuminated Rocket tram 732 has received some further cosmetic enhancements since the illuminations switch-on took place on 31st August. The tram now sports external advertisements on the large panels on the side of its ‘launch pad’ for the first time since Whitegates’ estate agents removed their long-running association with the tram in 1998.

Adverts have now been applied on the illuminated side panels, as well as along the sides of the actual rocket itself. These promote MPM North West, with the slogan ‘Restoring Blackpool’s past, investing in its future’ prominently displayed. The company are currently employed in refurbishment work on the famous Blackpool Tower. In addition, the windows have been covered with images of happy people, giving the illusion that 732 is filled with passengers for another tour of illuminations, as it was every autumn until it was withdrawn after the 1999 season.

Another imaginative addition to the display not previously mentioned on British Trams Online is a giant asrtonaut who is seemingly floating in mid-air above the tram! This is a recreation of a former display hung above the promenade roadway. The Rocket is certainly a must-see attraction on its temporary display siding at Gynn Square, and is sure to prove popular throughout the 2012 illuminations.

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