RAIB launch investigation into DLR incident

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch have announced that they are investigating what they are calling a “platform-train interface” incident which happened at Bank Station on the Docklands Light Railway on 6th February. The incident happened at approximately 2130 and saw a passenger become trapped in the train doors by their coat as the units were departing from the station.

The passenger managed to free themselves from their coat and suffered no physical injuries but the incident did cause considerable distress. The coat was dragged into the tunnel and was subsequently recovered by DLR staff.

The RAIB investigation will identify the sequence of events that led to the incident and will also consider how the train was dispatched, the design and operation of the doors, processes used by DLR to manage dispatch of trains from stations, the adequacy of the train and platform equipment used for train dispatch and any relevant underlying management factors.

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