Another M5000 arrives in Manchester

M5000 3112 has arrived in Manchester with the tram being delivered to Queen’s Road Depot on Saturday 5th March. Upon arrival – shortly after midday – the tram was unloaded and moved into the workshops where initial commissioning will take place ahead of mileage accumulation and then eventual entry into service. With 3112 now in Manchester there are only a further eight M5000s currently on order due to be make the trip across from Germany.

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4 Responses to Another M5000 arrives in Manchester

  1. Phil Hart says:

    Has anyone noticed that when 3111 goes into service it will be unique (for a short while). It will be the only Metrolink tram (including the T68s) not to have a ‘0’ in the fleet number.

  2. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    Has 3111 entered service?

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