2016 Crich operating fleet revealed

With preparations now well underway for another operating season at the Crich Tramway Village we are delighted to be able to bring you news of which trams will be forming the operational pool in 2016. 17 electric passenger trams will initially be commissioned for service with another three on the possible list depending on workshop capacity. There are no surprises in those trams which will be prepared for service although there is likely to be some disappointment at those which aren’t currently guaranteed to run during the year.

The 17 electric passenger trams due to be commissioned are:

Berlin 223 006-4

Blackpool 166

Blackpool 167

Blackpool 236

Blackpool 762

Chesterfield 7 (without Recruitment Tram regalia)

Glasgow 1068

Leeds 180

Leeds 345

Leeds 399

Liverpool 869

London County Council 106

London United Tramways 159

Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331

Oporto 273

Sheffield 74

Sheffield 510

In addition the following may return to service during the year:

Blackpool 40

Blackpool 630

Glasgow 22 (currently undergoing an overhaul in the Workshops)

Of those trams not running this year which had operated in 2015 it was well documented that Glasgow 812 and Southampton 45 would be withdrawn from service as they are both well overdue workshop attention (with 45 likely to require an extensive overhaul before it can be considered for a full return to service). However possibly the biggest surprise is the withdrawal of London Transport 1622 which reduces the number of trams from the capital to three.

Although there is bound to be disappointment about the reduction of the number of trams in the operating fleet for 2016 (and with no major returns planned a la LCC 106 and Liverpool 869 in 2015) it should still be noted that there will be at least 17 electric passenger trams available for service providing the most varied operating fleet of any heritage tramway in the British Isles. Sheffield 15 will also be prepared for service and will once again be used on the Horse Tram Days with driver and horse fit and raring to go for the six events on the schedule.

Crich will run its first services on Saturday 19th March and will then be open daily until the end of October.

London Transport 1622 is seen at Cabin Crossing on 13th June 2015, a scene which looks set not to be repeated in 2016. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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7 Responses to 2016 Crich operating fleet revealed

  1. Andrew Waddington says:

    Slightly surprising that 1622 will not run this year although it could probably do with a lick of paint – I’m very glad I went on it on my last visit now, and that was only thanks to Leeds 180 breaking down!

    Presumably 22 & 40 will both rejoin the operational fleet part way through the season, but I wonder why 630 is on the ‘maybe’ list?

  2. Kev says:

    17 is still a respectable number. Such a shame 812 has reached that stage as it is my favourite Tram! I too express surprise at 630, I suspect that there will be a reason and it will appear at some point. To be fair 17 Trams won’t be needed early season so 20 would be overkill. Presumably 40 will once the repaint is complete, then it can be serviced. Still a sizeable fleet and one to rival Blackpool’s operational pool!

  3. Christopher Callan says:

    In many ways the number of serviceable tramcars is less important once you get past 12 cars. 17 Cars gives you pretty varied offering. Surprised by 630 particularly as they have so few enclosed single deckers operational but understand low voltage does attract more work during commissioning. But Individual car availability really small fry as Crich adapts to changing preservation landscape and changing market conditions. Whilst new cars might not be on immediate horizon things that improve family offering such as the new play area equally important now as operation continues to adapt and evolve

  4. Nigel Lemons says:

    812 has really reached the point where serious work is needed, I drove it last October during Starlights, and although it performed well, it is tired and in need of some TLC.
    1622 is due for a ‘lift’ and needs attention to exterior bodywork.
    630 is suffering from brake problems, most likely a seal has failed in a brake cylinder, however the workshop is full at present, so is likely to get looked at once the season gets underway.
    22 is looking good, all cleaned up and repainted where necessary, the motors and wheelsets are still with the contractors but should be back very soon.

    • Kev says:

      Interesting as Brush 623 at Heaton Park is reported to have brake problems. It would be interesting to know if they are the same/similar and if this is an issue with the trucks when they get to a certain age. 80 next year.

  5. Steve says:

    Looks like a nice balanced list to me. Speaking as a former conductor, with the exception of the Racks. single deckers are generally not popular as most want to ride upstairs. Also the list covers most type of car and the needs of both the crew and the passenger.

  6. Kev says:

    So with East Anglia’s announcement, is that why 1622 isn’t in the operating fleet for Crich? That would be truly magnificent!

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