It’s a yes to bikes on Edinburgh Trams

Following a successful two month trial it has been confirmed that bikes will be allowed to on board Edinburgh Trams permanently. During the trial, which was initially for one month but this was extended to two for further data to be collected, an average of 12 bikes a day were carried on the trams with the most popular boarding point being York Place.

Michael Powell, Safety, Quality & Environment Manager at Edinburgh Trams, said: “After considering passenger feedback and the number of cyclists using the trams every day we agreed that there was little to no impact on daily operations and so we are happy to welcome bikes on board. Although the numbers are currently quite small we expect that more people may use their bikes in future, so we are keeping the hours and conditions that applied during the trial, to make sure we continue to look after the safety and comfort of all passengers.”

Bikes will be allowed on board the trams seven days a week with the exception of peak travel hours Monday-Friday (0730-0930 and 1600-1830). There will also be certain periods when no bikes will be allowed on board (such as during the Edinburgh Festival – 7th-31st August this year). Only two bikes will be permitted on board each tram and only at the discretion of tram staff depending on how busy the service is with passengers with disabilities and those with prams and buggies taking priority.

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