NET Citadis to be named Stephen Lowe

The latest name to be added to a tram on Nottingham Express Transit is to be Stephen Lowe, a playwright who comes from Nottingham. Mr Lowe is said to be “Nottingham’s most successful playwright…ever” and has had over 40 plays and screenplays publically performed including one on fellow NET namee Brian Clough. He has also written many episodes of Coronation Street.

Stephen Lowe said: ““I am both surprised and delighted to be invited to join such a wonderful band of Nottingham legends. Last November, I stood in the rain at the naming of the late great Alan Sillitoe’s tram and never for a second imagined that I would be following in his footsteps – or tram lines – joining Lawrence and Cloughie, whom I’ve had the joy of writing about.”

No details have been released on which tram will carry the name or when the naming ceremony will take place.

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  1. Ken Brand says:

    N E T Tram 221 was named Stephen Lowe at a ceremony held at Bromley House Nottingham on Thursday 2 July

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