Another new tram for Midland Metro

On Monday 14th July the latest Urbos 3 arrived at Midland Metro’s Wednesbury Depot with 27 being delivered by the tried and tested method. Being sent from CAF’s factory in Zaragoza, Spain by sea to Plymouth the tram was then transported via low loader in two sections arriving at its new home early on 14th July. 27 is the 11th of the new trams to be delivered to Birmingham.

Meanwhile testing and driver training of the Urbos 3 trams continues to take place on a regular basis with several evenings a week seeing normally two of the trams out and about on the main line. No official word has still to be released as to when they will enter passenger service although rumours continued to suggest August.

On 16th July the two Urbos3s in action were 21 and 22 and the pair are seen here at the start of their evenings work. 21 uses the crossover to head south towards Birmingham as 22 prepares to draw forward out of the depot.

21 stands at Kenrick Park.

22 arrives at Loxdale.

26 stands in the depot alongside one of its sisters on 17th July.

And this is the latest arrival - 27 - also at the depot on 17th July. (All Photos: Andy Walters)

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2 Responses to Another new tram for Midland Metro

  1. Nathan says:

    Fantastic looking trams- I think these tie with the Nottingham Citadises (Citadi?) for the best-designed 2nd generation tram. Hopefully they will prove useful and reliable too!

  2. tram man says:

    Never noticed it before,but if you look at the last photo, the overhang between the bogie and the front of the cab really stands out.
    I’am not saying there is anything wrong,its a very futuristic looking tram.I was just comparing it with a M5000.Pity they don’t make a high floor version.

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