The race is on to save a Brighton tram shelter

Not content with working to restore the last electric passenger tram from Brighton, a small but dedicated group of transport enthusiasts are now seeking to rescue another rare artefact from this long-lost tram system. The Brighton Tram 53 Society have been offered the chance to acquire a genuine Brighton tram shelter, but as is so often the case with such things, there is a catch… it has to be removed from its current location within a matter of days!

The custodians of the unique Brighton 53 recently became aware that a former tram shelter still exists at Stanmer Park in Brighton, where a museum has been closed down by the local council due to funding cutbacks. Unfortunately, builders are due to move in to clear the site on Friday 11th April, and if the shelter is not recovered beforehand then there is a very real risk that it will be lost forever. Undaunted by this incredibly tight timescale, the Society are now working on a rescue mission to ensure that this historic item is saved for posterity. The shelter will need to be carefully dismantled and moved to a new storage site, and the group are urgently appealing to anyone who may be able to assist with this task. Although restoring the shelter back to its former glory is likely to be a low priority, right now the priority is to ensure its continued survival, and ultimately it could allow the Society to illustrate another aspect of Brighton’s tramway heritage.

Whatever may happen, the Brighton Tram 53 Society deserve full credit for even attempting to rescue this historic relic at such short notice, and hopefully their efforts will be rewarded. If you are interested in helping to save this tram shelter, either practically or financially, please get in touch with the Society using the links provided on their website:

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