Next stage of Supertram track replacement work set to start

The second phase of rail replacement works on the Stagecoach Supertram network is due to commence from Saturday 29th March and will continue in various stages until September (with a short break for the Tour de France). Work will initially start in the Hillsborough area before moving on to Halfway, Hyde Park and City Hall. This work follows on from last year’s work between Spring Lane and Park Grange Croft tram stops which saw almost 5,000 metres of rail replaced in a four month closure.

As previously reported this work is being funded by the Department for Transport’s Local Pinch Point Fund to the tune of £5 million. It is considered that this work is essential to the continued safe operation of the tramway and when the rails have been replaced they should be good for a further 25-30 years of operation.

The work will be undertaken in four stages:

Late March-late April 2014 – Infirmary Road to Hillsborough Road

Trams will run:

Purple Route – Herdings Park to Cathedral/Meadowhall (as normal)

Yellow Route – Meadowhall to Cathedral (with connections onwards to Shalesmoor for replacement bus services)

Blue Route – Halfway to Shalesmoor

Replacement buses will run to normal Yellow and Blue route frequencies from Castle Square to Middlewood/Malin Bridge calling at Shalesmoor and then all stops.

Late April-mid May 2014 – White Lane to Halfway

Trams will run:

Purple Route – Herdings Park to Cathedral (off peak only)

Yellow Route – Meadowhall to Middlewood (as normal)

Blue Route – Malin Bridge to Herdings Park

A replacement bus service for Halfway will be available from Gleadless Towned which will be served by trams running on the Blue and Purple routes to Herdings Park.

Late May-late June 2014 – Hyde Park to Woodbourn Road

Trams will run:

Purple Route – Herdings Park to Cathedral (no extension to Meadowhall at any time)

Yellow Route – Meadowhall to Attercliffe

Yellow Route – Middlewood to Fitzalan Square

Blue Route – Halfway to Malin Bridge

A replacement bus service will operate between Meadowhall and Castle Square running via Attercliffe Common for those passengers wishing to travel from Meadowhall into Sheffield city centre and beyond.

Early July-mid September 2014 – City Hall to Middlewood and Malin Bridge

Trams will run:

Purple Route – Herdings Park to Cathedral/Meadowhall (times as normal)

Yellow Route – Meadowhall to Cathedral

Blue Route – Halfway to Cathedral

Passengers for Malin Bridge and Middlewood should change at Castle Square from where replacement bus services will be in operation.

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