Manchester Metrolink Performance Update

The latest statistics of Manchester Metrolink have been released giving details on the performance of the service, any major incidents, trams out of service and the number of complaints received. The latest document concentrates on period 10 (Monday 6th January to Sunday 2nd February 2014) and a summary of this is provided below.


Performance as measured by Operated Mileage increased from 98.61% in period 9 to 99.46% in period 10.

The report also states that there were two “golden days” when 100% mileage was achieved. The two dates were 16th January and 2nd February.

Major Incidents

These are incidents which caused delays of more than 30 minutes and impacted on performance.

10th January: A T68 was involved in a collision was a road vehicle at 1813 at the junction of Ordsall Lane and Exchange Quay stop. Services were suspended from MediaCityUK to the city centre with a shuttle service able to operate from MediaCityUK to Eccles. Services resumed at 2016.

11th January: A M5000 was involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian at Market Street. Services between Victoria and Market Street were suspended from 1737 until 2127, when the Police declared the area clear.

14th January: Services were suspended from 2013 between Piccadilly Gardens and Piccadilly due to a driver error at Piccadilly. Services resumed from 2130.

19th January: Services were suspended at Holt Town after another car drove onto the Metrolink tracks at 1417. No trams ran between Piccadilly and Clayton Hall with a shuttle service provided between Ashton-under-Lyne and Clayton Hall. Full services resumed at 1631.

20th January: Services were suspended at 1545 between Whitefield and Bury due to a points problem at Bury. Services resumed at 1635.


3013 remained out of service through all periods. Repair work is continuing and it is estimated it will be completed by April 2014 (a date which keeps getting changed the last report said February and the one before said January!). The operator will then need to refit all the missing components to make the tram serviceable before a return to service.


372 complaints were received in period 10 (43% of which were for service disruption).

There were 11 commendations in period 10.


Patronage in January was 2.3 million journeys. This was 134,000 below budget but was 278,000 ahead of January 2013.

* The full report can be downloaded from the TfGM Committees website at

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4 Responses to Manchester Metrolink Performance Update

  1. Ken Walker says:

    Unbelievable that 3013 is still under repair 12 months after its RTA. Would it have been the case if the trams had been built and repaired in the UK I wonder.

    Good to see that most of the major disruptions were due to incidents outside of Metrolink’s control, but the points failure at Bury is becoming the new Cornbrook, as it has occurred again twice in the last few days.

    • freel07 says:

      We don’t know the full story I don’t suppose. How long for the insurance companies to agree the go ahead for the repairs? I would imagine that a new centre section with have been needed and short of using one from the production line of new trams programming the construction needs planning.

      Indeed there may have been no need to prioritise the repairs as there are more than enough M5000s available to run the service. I don’t believe that UK production would have made any difference. No UK company evinced any interest in building any trams for our current systems so it sounds a rather pointless argument.

      • John West says:

        Spot on. A contact of mine at Bombardier told me that TfGM requested priority be placed on the outstanding orders.

  2. tram man says:

    Unfortunately 3013 has been robbed for parts to help rebuild 3062,which is still ongoing at old Trafford.The centre section has only returned from repair a few months ago and has now been refitted.Brodies were given the job of removing, repairing and refitting the centre section of 3013.Brodies have been involved in repair work for metrolink for some years now.Indeed they removed and repaired some of the centre sections on the old T68s.Plus the they did a lot of work on the sole bar inspections and repairs on the T68s.

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