Queens Road Metrolink stop to open 16th December

Monday 16th December will see one stop open and one close as the new Queens Road stop will welcome its first passengers as Woodlands Road is officially closed. The Queens Road stop is replacing the former staff only halt at this location and will provide a bright and modern facility for passengers and as a result of its opening Woodlands Road – which has only recently been used outside of peak times during the week – will be completely closed.

Queens Road will improve access to the Metrolink system for nearby residents travelling into Manchester and provides important new infrastructure to support continued housing growth in surrounding neighbourhoods. In addition it gives better access for visitors to the Manchester Museum of Transport alongside the Irish World Heritage Centre and major retailers and restaurants at the Manchester Fort.

The closure of Woodlands Road is bound to be controversial as some local residents had led a campaign for its retention claiming some people were be stranded in their homes without the stop. But with Abraham Moss having already opened and now Queens Road the justification for the stop is even lower than it was before (research had shown that Woodlands Road was one of the last used stops on the entire network).

Cllr Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said: “The opening of the new Queens Road stop is fantastic news which will benefit the area with a more convenient stop, improving transport links to and from the city centre. With the opening of the Abraham Moss stop in April 2011, we are confident that more people are now benefitting from stops being located closer to where they live and alongside key services and community facilities. Furthermore, I know that passengers will benefit from the improved environment at these stops, which are fully accessible, well lit and have full CCTV coverage.”

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3 Responses to Queens Road Metrolink stop to open 16th December

  1. David Mee says:

    I shall miss Woodlands Road stop – it was certainly the most convenient for the Transport Museum at Cheetham. However, it looks like the new stop might also be good for the museum, which does of course contain the prototype metro vehicle.

    • Colin Smith says:

      If you are walking, then Queen’s Road is quite a bit closer to Boyle Street and, during the winter months, along a much more pleasant route.

  2. Ken Walker says:

    Having used the Woodlands Road stop to visit Boyle Street I couldn’t agree more. But there again when there is an event on there is usually a free vintage bus service to and from Victoria station.

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