Government award £5 million for Supertram track replacement

The Department for Transport have awarded £5 million to go towards the replacement of tracks on the Stagecoach Supertram system. This money is a one off payment and has been made to South Yorkshire PTE who will be delivering the track replacement project alongside Stagecoach and Sheffield City Council.

The funding goes towards the first phase of the track replacement on Supertram which is needed to ensure that services can continue to operate safely and efficiently across the network.

Making the announcement of the funding was Baroness Kramer during a visit to Sheffield: “An efficient and reliable transport system is critical to any city. The Sheffield Supertram network is an important local feature: it contributes significantly to the growth of the local economy and provides reliable and frequent links to many of the key employment, regeneration and development areas in Sheffield. The funding we are providing  demonstrates this government’s commitment to providing local communities with access to jobs.”

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