New look for front of DLR trains revealed

The Docklands Light Railway have revealed which of the three designs for the front of some of their trains has won an online vote which took place over the past couple of weeks. The winning design – which received over 65% of the total votes – is option C which includes a mainly black front – in a very similar style to that of the newer trains which have entered service over the past few years.

The online vote saw over 1700 people vote as the Docklands Light Railway sought to get the opinions of those who travel on the trains as to which design they thought was best. The other two options, which were both pretty similar to each other, had a lot more red on their design but it seems that the public wanted a uniform look for the fleet and plumped for the mainly black front.

The DLR have confirmed that they intend to progress with the voted for design when they start to refresh some of their older trains.

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