Service alteration on West Midlands Metro for maintenance work

Trams will not serve Wolverhampton St Georges from lunchtime on Saturday 3rd December until early on Monday 5th December to allow for essential maintenance work to take place on the Wishbone Bridge in Wolverhampton.

A normal service will run between Edgbaston Village and Wolverhampton St George’s until midday on Saturday 3rd December after which the following changes will be in place:

  • Trams will run every 12 minutes between The Royal and Edgbaston Village
  • No trams will run between The Royal and Wolverhampton St George’s
  • The final tram from St George’s to Edgbaston will depart at 1151

These changes will be in place until 0600 on Monday 5th December with the first tram from Wolverhampton St George’s to Edgbaston Village scheduled to depart at 0603.

No replacement buses will be provided with West Midlands Metro providing walking routes on their website for anyone who wants to continue their journey.

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1 Response to Service alteration on West Midlands Metro for maintenance work

  1. Pablo's says:

    The words couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery come to mind.

    A few years ago they replaced the track on the road section in Wolverhampton why wasn’t the bridge looked at then. As you are killing two birds with one stone as it is only one closure of the line.

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