In Pictures: Rail replacement works in Piccadilly Gardens

The delayed rail replacement works in Piccadilly Gardens have been taking place over the past week which upon completion should see the return of a normal service on Manchester Metrolink – the first time since mid-July that we’ll have been able to say that (and ignoring the fact that the additional service on the Ashton line has yet to resume). The work has been taking place on the delta junction concentrating on the track which leads to Piccadilly Gardens tramstop and thus allowing trams to continue operating on 1CC between St Peter’s Square and Market Street.

The work had originally been due to take place in October but with delays in the procurement of the track needed for the engineering possession it had to be pushed back until November. This delay meant that the decision was taken to run a revised service which saw trams from Ashton diverted to run to Crumpsall with all trams between Bury and Altrincham running direct instead of alternate trams from either terminus heading to Piccadilly.

Work managed to get underway on Tuesday 22nd November and is scheduled to be completed by the end of Tuesday 29th November, allowing a full service to resume from the start of Wednesday 30th November.

During the works the following service alterations are in place:

  • Ashton to Piccadilly
  • Bury to Altrincham (every 6 minutes at peak times, every 12 minutes off-peak)
  • Eccles to Deansgate-Castlefield

There are also replacement buses running from Deansgate-Castlefield to Piccadilly and from Victoria to Piccadilly.

On the first day of the works we see work underway on the pointwork.

Another shot of the works on 22nd November showing the work underway. (Photographs x2 by Roland Bull, 22nd November 2022)

As 3060 passes by in the background we take a look at the worksite in Piccadilly Gardens where we can see evidence of work having already taken place around the points.

Further towards the tramstop and the blocks between the tracks are being put back down.

Looking for all money like a new branch line is being laid this is actually the blocks for between the rails which have been set out ready for installation. (Photographs x3 by Keith Chadbourne, 26th November 2022)

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