New children’s books coming soon – with a tram connection!

Have you ever wondered what adventures the seagulls of Blackpool get up to? (When they’re not swooping down and stealing food from oblivious visitors anyway!) Well, now is your chance as a new series of children’s story books will take you on their adventures. But what does this have to do with trams we hear you ask? Their regular meeting place is on the top of Bispham tram stop!

Written by Babs Vinden-Cantrell, who spent many happy childhood holidays on the Fylde Coast often staying at the Nobreck Castle Hotel, the series of books will follow the Seagull Chicks as they have to leave their nests for the first time. The books are ideal for young children with the first book – Seagulls Don’t Eat Sorbet – a lovely illustrated adventure about courage, adventure and family.

Babs said: “It all started small. I spent many childhood holidays on the Fylde Coast and still stay a couple of times a year. A few years ago, my brother and nieces came back with a story about seagulls stealing everything but their sorbet. A lightbulb went on – maybe some seagulls are different! I wrote a book about seagull chicks and their antics and sent it to a friend, an ex-Eastenders actor, who referred me to ‘Reincarnathan’, a radio comedy in a similar genre. I cheekily sent a mail to one of the writers, who suggested I break the book into smaller adventures. I wouldn’t be where I am without their help, and I hope my books encourage the same love of nature in children that I have!”

The first book is due for release on 28th August 2022 with a RRP of £6.99. The book can be pre-ordered via WH Smith at

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