In Pictures: Metrolink 3134 arrives in Manchester

Manchester Metrolink 3134 has become the latest tram to be delivered to Queen’s Road Depot with it arriving late morning on Saturday 4th December 2021. As with all previous arrivals it made the trip across from Europe via the Rotterdam to Hull ferry before completing its journey by road.

3134 has the basis of the yellow, silver and black Metrolink livery already in place and although this includes external fleet numbers it will need its spots to be applied before it enters service (obviously the affixing of the spots needs a UK specialist to do the task!).

Looking at the calendar it would seem likely that this will be the last M5000 to be delivered this year and if that is the case it is the twelfth to arrive during the 2021 calendar year (and by our reckoning that means its averaged as one a month!). There now remain just 13 further trams to be delivered so we are in all likelihood looking at a late 2022/early 2023 completion date for all deliveries.

3134 will now be commissioned for service. With 3133 having already entered service it will be the only tram which requires commissioning at this time.

Checks are made on 3134 as its nears its final destination.

Another look at 3134 as it is delivered to Manchester. (Both Photographs by Ben Worsley, 4th December 2021)

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