Picture in Time: Luas 4012

We head across the Irish Sea to Dublin for the next few editions of our modern tram themed “Picture in Time” series with the Luas system featuring.

Opening in 2004 the Luas tram system in Dublin has been extended several times over the years and is now roughly the length of a marathon being 26.2 miles in length on the two lines – designated as the Green and Red lines. With several extensions having opened over the past 17 years or so what were once termini have now become through stops and so it is that we feature the stop at Sandyford below which was the original terminus of the Green line. That was until July 2010 when the line was extended through to Bride’s Glen, which remains as the terminus to this day.

In this photo we see 4012 – one of the Citadis 401 trams built in 2003-4 – on 15th July 2007. By this time 4012 had been reformed from its original configuration as in September 2004 it was involved in a collision which saw the front section swapped with that of 4002. This is Sandyford with the tram waiting to depart.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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