New weekly capping introduced on Metrolink

Passengers travelling on Manchester Metrolink can now take advantage of weekly capping when using contactless payments. The Bee Flex Weekly launched on Monday 6th September and now means people can make unlimited Metrolink journeys and never pay more than a seven-day travel pass when they touch-in and out with a contactless bank card or device.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “Flexibility is more important than ever when it comes to using public transport. We know that how and when people travel may have changed during the pandemic and we’re now at a stage where thousands of people are going back to the workplace, to educational settings or simply getting out and about more. Metrolink along with other transport operators have introduced a range of ticketing offers to ensure that everyone can travel flexibly and affordably.  The Bee Flex Weekly is a really smart offer that guarantees you will never pay more than a seven-day travel pass for your journeys. I encourage as many of you as possible to give it a try and consider leaving the car at home.”

Anyone using contactless within zone 1 will now have their Monday to Sunday charges capped at £10.60 whilst those travelling across all zones on the Metrolink network will never be charged more than £31.00 over the same period.

All users have to do is make sure they use the contactless card and touch-in and out for each Metrolink journey. Metrolink will calculate each person’s fare up to the daily cap until the total reaches the weekly cap for the zones they have travelled in. Then once that cap is reached all other journeys will be free until the end of the week although you still need to make sure you are touching in and out.

More passengers are now choosing to pay for their travel on Metrolink using contactless cards with 75,000 journeys being made on average each week. Although a bumper bank holiday weekend saw that figure rise to 88,000 journeys in the week ending 29th August.

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