Shadow Transport Secretary visits West Midlands Metro extension construction works

Jim McMahon, the Labour Shadow Transport Secretary, has recently visited Birmingham where he has seen first-hand the work underway to construct extensions of the West Midlands Metro network. During his visit he praised the work which has happened already and also called for work on the heavy rail network in the region – the Midlands Rail Hub – to be given the full go-ahead.

Mr McMahon saw work underway on both the Birmingham Westside and Birmingham Eastside extensions. The Westside extension has made excellent progress and is due to open later this year with three extra stops added to the network – Brindleyplace, Five Ways and Hagley Road in Edgbaston.

He said: “It’s also great to see the work that’s being done to extend Birmingham’s tram network both in the east and west sides of the city and to hear about work already underway improving tram links in the Black Country. However, ensuring swift delivery is crucial if local communities are to reap the benefits sooner.” (He also commented on the Midlands Rail Hub which is why it says also but as that has no connection to trams we’ve not included it!)

Peter Cushing, Director the Midland Metro Alliance, said: “Our teams have continued to work incredibly hard in challenging times to deliver Metro extensions in the city. It is fantastic to share a view of a near-finished product on Broad Street today and highlight an area of Birmingham really transformed through the addition of a tramway. Although clearly in a different stage of development, it was a positive experience to share an insight into the works for the complex delta junction at Lower Bull Street in the city centre with the first pre-made track bed units being installed today. All of us at the alliance share great pride in delivering such a transformative public transport projects for the benefit of Birmingham.”

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