In Pictures: West Midlands Metro 24 loses its adverts

The only tram on the West Midlands Metro network to have carried two external commercial advertising contracts since the larger adverts were carried is now back in fleet livery after the ending of its latest deal. 24 is now running in the full West Midlands Metro blue livery after its adverts for Resorts World were removed.

The adverts for Resorts World had been applied back in February 2020 and replaced a set of OLA adverts (a company who still advertise on 25, 27 and 32) which had been on the tram from September 2019 to February 2020. As a result with the Resorts World vinyls removed the tram is back in fleet livery for the first time since September 2019.

The now advert free 24 is seen standing at the temporary terminus of Bull Street.

And then we see 24 having just departed Bull Street on its way back north to Wolverhampton St George’s. (Both Photographs by Mark Cufflin, 4th August 2021)

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