Lockdown Walks: Stagecoach Supertram 118 & 111

This edition of “Lockdown Walks” heads out to Sheffield again.

When you hear that a tram has received an advertising livery you think that’s the end of uniformity but that’s not quite always the case as occasionally you get two adverts for the same company on the same tramway. One company who have gone for that is Pretty Little Thing.com who currently have two adverts in both Sheffield and Blackpool. The two in Sheffield came first with the vinyls being applied in April 2018.

This image is taken at Castle Square with 118 and 111 side-by-side showing off their pink adverts – complete with unicorns of course! – when in service. This was 118’s first advert but 111 is well used to not having fleet livery with this being the third different company to advertise on the tram – indeed it has now been almost 11 years since it last saw fleet livery! (Photograph by Ryan Hartley, 6th July 2021)

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