In Pictures: Douglas Promenade works

Its probably fair to say that the redevelopment of Douglas Promenade has not been the smoothest civil engineering project out there. With delays, cost overruns and what seems to have been constant changes it has caused disruption in Douglas for several years. For many readers of British Trams Online the key aspect of the project has been the relaying of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway tracks and in this update we take a look at some of the works which have been taking place at what will be a temporary terminus at Broadway just beyond the Villa Marina. Jim Smythe with the photos.

Just before Tynwald broke up – in its last sitting of the current administration with elections due to take place last this year – an update on the general Douglas Prom works was given and although it gave no specifics on the horse trams it confirmed that work is scheduled to be completed by the end of September and that the work has already exceeded the budget by £3 million.

Currently the tram tracks are only being installed as far as Broadway with a temporary terminus currently being installed there. As things stand at the moment it looks like another vote will have to take place with the new administration as to whether finds can be released to construct the single track line through to the Sea Terminal.

No services have run on the horse tramway again in 2021 – and its looking increasingly like that will be how it remains – and it also missed the complete 2020 season as well. Maybe in 2022?

Taken from the top deck of a bus running along the Prom we are outside the Villa Marina here with the traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights. The red/pink tram corridor can be seen and we can also see some track in the distance.

As the bus continues alongside the worksite we can see the already installed tracks curving across the road to the sea side of the Prom and towards the terminus at Broadway.

Points are in position at the terminus but has not yet been connected to the curve. (All Photographs by Jim Smythe, 30th July 2021)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: Douglas Promenade works

  1. geoffcurrie says:

    It is an absolute disgrace the Tramway has not been continued immediately to Sea Terminal, or even beyond to close by Douglas Railway Station along North Quay. These House of Keys representatives of today do not seem to realise what an asset the IOM will be over the next few years particularly due to covid. The Island is likely to enjoy receiving Coach Parties for, I would suggest 9 months of the year, from Easter to New Year!!!

    • John1 says:

      geoffcurrie I honestly don’t think UK and IOM resorts are going to have the continued oomph we have seen. Blackpool has gone from rammed to capacity to normal busy Sunday in a few months and I suspect as flights open up the mad rush will switch to there.
      I’m more amazed there’s any Tramway at all.

  2. geoffcurrie says:

    I am not suggesting the UK as a whole will have long term benefit from what has happened over the last 18 months or so, but Coach Holidays for a certain type of market will I feel benefit, and rediscovering the IOM, I remain convinced, will occur. I have seen how certain hotels in Douglas have been massively transformed in recent years with internal balconies, overlooking mezzanine ground floor areas, making these hotels very able to accommodate Spring and Autumn guests, as well as summer visitors, and now The Steam Packet Company is “State Owned” I feel confident that The Manx Government will want to encourage visitors. We will see after the Island Elections on the 23rd. September this year.

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