Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Toton Lane line – Cator Lane

We return to our journey along the Toton Lane line of Nottingham Express Transit and reach the stop at Cator Lane for this edition of “Stop by Stop”.

As we saw last time out after departure from High Road – Central College we immediately swing right away from street running travelling along a reserved section of line before we cross over Cator Lane and arrive at the stop of the same name. As usual the stop is of a standard design and features platforms on either side of the tracks.

This first view shows Cator Lane stop looking towards High Road – Central College.

Looking in the same direction and here we see 232 which has just arrived at Cator Lane with a service to Toton Lane.

Here we see 213 just arriving at Cator Lane with a service to Hucknall. With a pedestrian crossing across the tracks at this end of the stop there are Tramway Look Both Ways signs here as well. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 19th September 2020)

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