In Pictures: More B fleet usage in Blackpool

It appears that the future for Blackpool Transport’s B fleet Balloons may be a bit brighter as after last weekend’s usage of three of the sub-class they were back out again over the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June. Once again they were running top deck closed as they only had one conductor assigned but it is still a positive step for these trams which have rarely been used for their intended purpose.

Saturday 19th June was a far quieter day in Blackpool than the previous weekend (thanks in no small part to a complete about turn in the weather!) but 707, 711 and 718 were all diagrammed for specials again. They were on specials calling at the platforms with most journeys running between Little Bispham/Bispham and Pleasure Beach/Starr Gate. The same threesome then made appearances the next day.

711 at Cabin with a southbound service for Pleasure Beach.

718 is then seen on the way to Starr Gate as it runs along North Promenade between Gynn Square and Wilton Parade. (Photographs x2 by Tony Armitage, 19th June 2021)

This stunning view taken from the White Tower restaurant at the Pleasure Beach shows 707 on the way to Starr Gate and 718 at the start of its journey to Little Bispham having just rounded Pleasure Beach loop. (Photograph by John Hibbert, 20th June 2021)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: More B fleet usage in Blackpool

  1. David M says:

    Great to see these cars being used as intended. Lets hope the weather stays good and they become a regular feature of the tramway on summer weekends and other busy periods.

    • Harvey says:

      I agree, I hope that it leads to the B Fleet being used more regularly on LRT Specials Post Pandemic (Especially when the North Station Extension Opens next year)

      I Personally think that BTS need to properly trial B Fleet Balloons on regular LRT Specials next year. This trial would involve Running the B Fleet on busier days such as (I.E: Weekends, Daily throughout the Summer Holidays, Evenings During the Illuminations, October Half Term,)

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