Lockdown Walks: Edinburgh Trams

This edition of “Lockdown Walks” is taking a look from above in Edinburgh.

At British Trams Online we always like to see whether there are any different angles for a photo and so when we received the below photo we were delighted to include it (even if it doesn’t show Edinburgh in the best light on a grey and wet early May day!). Taken from the Menswear department of Marks & Spencer on Princes Street (located on the second floor of the store) we can see plenty of architectural interest in the shot as well including the Scott Monument in the centre (200 feet high and located in East Princes Street Gardens), Balmoral Hotel and clocktower (only 190 feet high!) on the corner of Princes Street and North Bridge), the Nelson Monument on the extreme left and the spire of former Tron Kirk on the far right.

The tram here is unidentified but is one of the examples without adverts. It is seen running to York Place and has company from a Lothian Bus running on route 19 from Granton to King’s Road. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 4th May 2021)

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  1. AndrewK says:

    Good to know about Markies for this view!

    Debenhams was my go to but closed now as all know .

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