Police Dogs in training at Crich!

The versality of the museum site at the Crich Tramway Village has been shown once again with Derbyshire Police recently using it to help train dog handlers and their search dogs ahead of their important roles in searching for drugs, cash, firearms and ammunition.

Two recent Police Dog graduates have been Indy (a 2 year old brown and white Springer Spaniel) and Ziggy (a 2 and a half year old brown Sprocker Spaniel) and they passed with flying colours after undertaking a six week search course. The dogs live with their handlers and will often service for 8-10 years in the police force, depending on the breed and agility of the dog. Derbyshire Police also use German, Dutch and Belgian Shepherds for other police activity.

PC Dave Allen, a Police Dog Trainer, explained why Crich is such an ideal location for the training: “It is a live venue with people around and plenty of places to search.  It is a recreation of the real world.”

Amanda Blair, Marketing Manager at Crich Tramway Village, added: “We’re delighted to be able to offer a venue for police dog training.  Our exhibitions provide a range of indoor areas, whilst the Woodland Walk is a challenging outside search area”.

Ziggy (on the far right_ has just graduated with flying colours and proudly wears their mortar board with handler John Ashmore. PC Dave Allen and Indy look on. (Photograph courtesy of Crich Tramway Village)

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