3126 arrives in Manchester as 3124 and 3125 start mileage accumulation

There has been more progress with the new Manchester Metrolink M5000s in recent days with 3126 having arrived in Manchester as the previous two arrivals – 3124 and 3125 – have broken cover from Queens Road Depot for start to be made on mileage accumulation.

3124 and 3125 were noted out on the mileage accumulation as a coupled pair between Queens Road and Bury on Friday 21st May. The two had arrived in Manchester on 30th March and 17th April respectively and had been undergoing initial commissioning at Queens Road Depot since then. With this now completed they reached the stage of mileage accumulation which sees them running on the mainline to iron out any faults. This is one of the last steps before they are passed over to the operations department.

Just 24 hours after the previous two had been out on the mainline then the next tram from Bombardier arrived at Queens Road. 3126 was delivered in the usual lunchtime slot on 22nd May (five weeks after 3125’s delivery). It was quickly off-loaded and will now start its own commissioning process.

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