Early morning Supertram services disrupted

Stagecoach Supertram services suffered a late start on Saturday 22nd May after a car blocked the tracks on the viaduct leading from the Park Square junction towards Hyde Park. This led to a very limited service running from Woodbourn Road to Meadowhall on the Yellow route and Woodbourn Road to Rotherham Parkgate on the Tram-Train route at the start of the day.

The car that caused all the issues was a Volkswagen with the driver leaving it abandoned just after the track changes from paved to ballasted as it approaches Hyde Park from the city centre. Presumably the motorists had managed to drive the car across Park Square bridge, through the delta junction and then to there and as with so many of these similar incidents only came to realise they had made a huge mistake when it changed to ballasted tracks. The car was only discovered when the first tram of the day into the city centre – operated by 106 – came across it when entering service.

While the car was removed a shuttle service was run on the Yellow route between Woodbourn Road and Meadowhall using 115 and from Woodbourn Road to Rotherham Parkgate on the Tram-Train service with 399 202 and 399 204 in action.

The car was removed shortly before 0800, allowing  full service to resume into the city centre and beyond with 106 the first tram able to pass the scene.

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