Stagecoach Supertram engineering works: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May

There will be further engineering works on Stagecoach Supertram on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May, although this time it will only be an overnight closure with late evening and early morning services being suspended to allow for track maintenance.

Services will start to end on all routes from around 2100 on Saturday 8th May and then resume from 1000 on Sunday 9th May.

Last trams will run as follows on the Saturday:

Meadowhall to Middlewood – 2045

Meadowhall to Cathedral – 2145

Rotherham Parkgate to Cathedral – 2059

Cathedral to Rotherham Parkgate – 2027

Halfway to Malin Bridge – 2046

Halfway to Cathedral – 2126

Herdings Park to Cathedral – 2117

Cathedral to Herdings Park – 2042

Middlewood to Meadowhall – 2048

Middlewood to Cricket Inn Road – 2128

Malin Bridge to Halfway – 2023

Malin Bridge to Cathedral – 2143

There will no dedicated replacement bus services after this time but there will be full ticket acceptance on Stagecoach and First bus services in the areas affected and Northern Train services from Rotherham to Meadowhall and Sheffield.

Services then start to resume as follows on the Sunday:

Meadowhall to Middlewood – 1008

Rotherham Parkgate to Cathedral – 1002

Cathedral to Rotherham Parkgate – 1030

Halfway to Malin Bridge – 1059

Herdings Park to Cathedral – 1058

Cathedral to Herdings Park – 1024

Middlewood to Meadowhall – 1026

Malin Bridge to Halfway – 1039

More details on the closure are available on the Stagecoach Supertram website at

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