Emergency engineering works for Metrolink

Manchester Metrolink services to Bury have been suspended with emergency engineering works required meaning all trams from Manchester City Centre have been terminating at Whitefield. Local media reports have suggested that repairs are required at Whitefield tunnel meaning it isn’t possible for any trams to run any further than Whitefield.

The emergency engineering works got underway at lunchtime on Thursday 25th March with no end time currently being revealed. The exact issue has not been revealed but local media reported earlier this week that the tunnel was being surveyed by engineers after some minor damage was discovered. When this was first reported a statement from Danny Vaughan, Head of Metrolink at TfGM, had said that services were continuing to run as normal but that an area above the tunnel had been cordoned off as a precaution. Obviously, since this statement the situation has required a line closure to allow full repairs to take place.

Metrolink services were running from Piccadilly to Whitefield once the closure was put in place and as well as ticket acceptance on service buses a replacement bus service was initiated travelled between Bury and Whitefield via Radcliffe.

No timescale for when the work will be completed allowing trams to resume to Bury has been revealed at the time of writing.

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  1. steve hyde says:

    It now appears that repair work to the tunnel will be undertaken during this weekend’s planned Bury Line closure for signalling works. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/towns-green-dug-up-following-20251576

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