Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Central Pier

We continue our way north on the Blackpool Tramway in this edition of “Stop by Stop” as we reach the second of the Pier stops.

After leaving Manchester Square north we soon come to a crossover at Foxhall where trams from Rigby Road often cross to head south (or reverse from the south to return to depot). The next stop is then located just to the north of Central Pier with access across the tracks for road vehicles also available just before we come to the actual stop. Central Pier is the ninth stop going north on the Blackpool Tramway and for the first time southbound platforms can shelter against the elements! Both southbound and northbound platforms are pretty similar here with shelters, seats and information panels. For the first time since Pleasure Beach there is room for a footpath on the road side of the tram tracks so the southbound platform doesn’t need to act as the way through for pedestrians. The northbound stop also has a defibrillator.

In this shot we see the northbound platform closest to the camera and southbound platform on the other side.

With plenty of sand having blown off the beach in the foreground 015 arrives at the northbound stop.

Here we see 017 coming to a halt at Central Pier with a southbound working to Starr Gate. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 27th September 2020)

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