Supertram Engineering Works to disrupt services over Easter

Essential engineering works on the major junction at Park Square just outside Sheffield City Centre will see major disruption to services on the Supertram network from 2000 on Saturday 3rd April until the start of service on Tuesday 6th April (Easter weekend). During this period no trams will run on any route with limited replacement bus services announced and prospective passengers guided towards normal services buses with ticket acceptance in place for those with tram tickets.

All routes on the Supertram network have to run via the Park Square junction making it a well used section of track. Although it may have been possible to run limited services either side of the junction (although with the depot being stuck on the Meadowhall route this probably wouldn’t have been ideal for the overnight stabling of trams) the decision has been taken that the complete network will be shutdown for just over two days.

Services will run to the normal Saturday timetable on Easter Saturday – 3rd April – until 2000 at which point trams will stop running. The last tram times for each service are:

Blue route Halfway to Malin Bridge – 1823

Blue route Halfway to Cathedral – 1923

Blue route Malin Bridge to Halfway – 1822

Blue route Malin Bridge to Cricket Inn Road – 1927

Yellow route Meadowhall to Middlewood – 1855

Yellow route Meadowhall to Cathedral – 1925

Yellow route Meadowhall to Woodbourn Road – 1955

Yellow route Middlewood to Meadowhall – 1909

Yellow route Middlewood to Cricket Inn Road – 1939

Purple route Herdings Park to Cathedral – 1922

Purple route Cathedral to Herdings Park – 1845

Purple route Cathedral to Cricket Inn Road – 1946

Tram-Train Rotherham Parkgate to Cathedral – 1931

Tram-Train Rotherham Parkgate to Woodbourn Road – 1959

Tram-Train Cathedral to Rotherham Parkgate – 1927

Tram-Train Cathedral to Cricket Inn Road – 2000

There will then be no trams at all on Easter Sunday (4th April) and Easter Monday (5th April) before the current revised service resumes from the start of service on Tuesday 6th April.

While the literature on the Supertram website doesn’t clear show that there will be dedicated bus replacement services there will be two running:

  • BL1 – Fitzalan Square to Manor Top/Elm Tree
  • BL2 – Gleadless Townend to Halfway

Stagecoach have also produced a guide of alternative bus services which can be downloaded at

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