Stagecoach Supertram Engineering Works: Sunday 26 and Sunday 27 May

Track replacement works will once again be taking place over a Bank Holiday weekend on Stagecoach Supertram (bang goes any chance of nice weather then!) with the Blue route being forced to terminate at Crystal Peaks on Sunday 26 and Tuesday 27 May with a replacement bus service operating between Moss Way and Halfway.

Trams will run to a normal Sunday timetable between Malin Bridge and Hackenthorpe on both days. At Hackenthorpe the line then becomes single track and a slightly amended timetable will be operation as far as Crystal Peaks where all trams will terminate. At Donetsk Way, Moss Way and Crystal Peaks all trams will use the Halfway bound platform so passengers are being advised to wait on the opposite side to normal if they are travelling towards the city centre.

The replacement bus service will connect with the trams at Moss Way and will run to Halfway via Crystal Peaks, Waterthorpe and Westfield. Beighton Drake House Lane stop will not be served by this bus service with passengers advised to use Crystal Peaks instead.

The Yellow and Purple routes will be running a normal Sunday timetable on both Sunday 26 and Monday 27 May.

* The combined bus/tram timetable for services over this weekend can be found at

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