In Pictures: Double T68s run to St Werburgh’s Road

Sunday 12 May saw the rare sight of double T68 units running on the South Manchester line through to St Werburgh’s Road. As a result of the engineering work taking place at Victoria on this day all six double T68s were stabled at Trafford depot on Saturday and Sunday nights. The only way to access Trafford depot is via the Firswood gate (number 3) which means that the sets have to run to St Werburgh’s Road to get onto depot. Steve Kemp provides us with a photo of this rare sight.

Showing Not In Service on the destination screen T68s 1014 and 1003 head back to Trafford depot on 12 May at Chorlton. (Photo: Steve Kemp)

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  1. tram man says:

    It was in fact a rare occurrence to see T68s doubles at old Trafford depot.Along with the T68 and T68a scrappers,plus the six double units.In total 99% of the T68 fleet were stabled over the weekend at old Trafford.Apart from the engineering work at Victoria,the other reason the double units were required on the south side,was due to the football and presentation of the league cup at old Trafford.On the evening of the 11th May the double units returned to old Trafford after peak service by 2000hrs.On the sunday 12th of may the double units were left out all day until end of service at 0045,the only exception was 1014/1003 which returned to old Trafford during the day and went back out later to clear the crowds at old Trafford.

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