Trams &: Berlin 223 006-4 & trolleybus

In this latest edition of “Trams &” we are taking a look at Crich’s depot yard where you never quite know what vehicles you may find!

This was what we found on 13th June 2015 when the usual trams were joined by a visiting London trolleybus. But before we take a look at the visitor we will see what trams are on show, starting on the left hand side where Berlin 223 006-4 is stabled waiting for its next access tram duty. Also on the depot fan is Croydon Tramlink 058+061 in their usual position on the centre siding. Then inside the depots we can see several other trams including Blackpool 236, Blackpool 40, Southampton 45, Sheffield 189 and Blackpool 49.

Turning towards the trolleybus and this is no. 1348. 1348 is a K2 class trolleybus which is usually part of the collection at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft but was visiting for a special London event on this day.

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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