Increase in services on Edinburgh Trams

A new timetable has been introduced on Edinburgh Trams as from Monday 24th August which sees trams running more frequently at peak times with a commitment to operating more services based on observations on the day.

The previous standard 15 minute frequency throughout the day, seven days a week has now been replaced with trams running every seven minutes between 1200 and 1400 and every 15 minutes at all other times. However, if demand at other times during the day requires additional trams they will also be operated based on observations on that day.

Jon McCulley, Operations Manager at Edinburgh Trams, said: “We’ve been closely monitoring our operation to ensure we provide a service that’s in line with demand, but which allows customers to adhere to physical distancing requirements. This is a positive step forward and we’re already preparing for the next enhancement as we slowly but surely return to normal.”

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