Funding in place for new tramstop and Park and Ride on Supertram Tram-Train line

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have confirmed that £46 million will be allocated to transport projects in the area – this will include two Park and Ride sites and a new tramstop on the Tram-Train line to Rotherham Parkgate alongside various road improvements.

It has been a long-held ambition for a third tramstop to be provide on the line between Tinsley Junction and Rotherham Parkgate and this funding will now allow this project to be fulfilled. The stop will be built at Magna which is between the junction with the fully conventional tramway at Tinsley and the stop at Rotherham Central. Magna is not only a Science Adventure Park but also a business centre and park which should give plenty of additional passengers to the tram-train service. A 150 space Park and Ride site will also be provided here. The total cost of this work will be £4.6 million.

A second Park and Ride site will also be built at the current Rotherham Parkgate terminus, costing £3.33 million. It is planned that a 300 space car park will be built adjacent to the one platform tramstop.

These projects are being funded through the Transforming Cities Fund. The Sheffield City Region was awarded £166 million from this fund in March’s budget and the new stop and Park and Ride sites will be funded through Rotherham’s slice of this money.

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